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Sand ArchYes, it does rain in the desert. What is normally a deep red turns to terracotta with cloudy skies.

Rainbow over BannackA peaceful day at Bannack with a mix of sun and rain made for some great lighting.

Mt Rainier reflection in Tipsoo LakeGardens abound all over Mount Rainier National Park in the summer and fall.

Tatoosh RangeFresh powder at Mt Rainier National Park and traverses off the beaten path. Images of a winter wonderland in Paradise.

Livery BarnGhost towns and evidence of simpler times. Includes scenes from Bodie,CA and Bannack, MT.

Columbine FlowerNature's crown jewels. Fields and meadows bursting with color.

Eilean Donan CastleGrand architecture in a grand country, Scotland. Fine examples of some of the best known highland castles.

Saguaro cactusPrickly to the touch, but impressive plants with a unique beauty all their own.