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Originality. That's what Wild West Image websites are about. Not a cookie-cutter site with pre-made templates. Your business is unique and deserves distinction in the marketplace. Discuss your needs with us and the end result will be a site that sets you apart from the competition.

Use your own media and text or commission Wild West Image to develop those items according to your guidelines. We can customize website features for optimum user experience. Feel free to contact us to set up a consultation. Or email your questions.

Below are some case studies showcasing our innovative designs tailored to the organization's needs. Please take a moment to review and think about how we can help you with a new or updated web site.


AutoSafe websiteAutoSafe
An ignition interlock company responsible for outfitting vehicles with a safety device that prevents operation while under the influence of alcohol. Their needs were basic: make available enough information online so the customer is able to determine the quality of the products and services offered.

Features would need to include reasons why the customer should use AutoSafe over their comepetitor. Technical information, testimonials from satisified customers, and FAQ's all within a central source. Other helpful tools include training, location and payment portals. Training includes a manual and videos. The service locations are in multiple cities which required separate pages with contact info and directions. The payment page gives the customer a quicker, more convenient way to take care of their monthly bill.

The key was to make this site an automated extension of the AutoSafe customer service department.


Gamble Bay Timber websiteGamble Bay Timber
A timber resource management company that specializes in removal operations. It was important to not only inform the customer about their services but to stress commitment to the environment and experience in all aspects of forestry.

The objective was to portray a company with the knowledge and equipment necessary to get the job done by offering multiple images of GBT's assets and completed work. Their site contains a network of links to external sites as well as internal pages. This multiplies the content; providing ample information to satisfy potential clients.

Simple design with a focus on content.


Nick's Home Solutions websiteNick's Home Solutions
A commited and passionate real estate broker with the best interests of potential clients at heart. This site needed to inform and convince buyers/sellers that Nick was the agent to get things done.

A large collection of graphics and background images added distinction to the design. The pages are as much about presentation as content; a reflection of the real estate business.

Complex design with an emphasis on selling the broker's services.